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Name:Zenith Eoin Novak
Birthdate:Jan 15
Location:San Francisco, California, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Zenith Eoin Novak was born in Tampa, Florida, but he was adopted at birth by his mother, Christine, a military medic, and father, Lane, a District Court Judge, from San Francisco, California. Zenith's biological mother was 21 years with severe Bipolar Disorder, and suffered with hypersexuality. She fell pregnant during a drug-fuelled unprotected orgy, but because her mental illness was too unstable, she had to give the baby up for adoption and hand-picked Zenith's adoptive parents. Zenith was assigned female gender at birth, and her adoptive parents named her Zenia, after Lane's grandmother. It was at an extremely young age that they began to realise Zenith might have been delivered to them in a female body, but he was male in every other way. From the age of about four, he has been raised and accepted instead as their son and legally changed his name to Zenith. To them, he has always been their son, and since then, they have done everything in their power to ensure he was reassigned male gender legally as soon as they were able to do so. At the earliest possible time Zenith could take HRT, he was commenced on testosterone, and as a result, was completely blocked of developing breasts and resulted in him growing up to be a tall and slender male, somewhat effeminate, but most definitely male. Just after his 18th birthday, Zenith underwent a total hysterectomy and despite people thinking they had a right to dictate why he shouldn't do this, it only made him more determined to have it done regardless because he had never seen himself as female, nor had he ever felt any connection to having female body parts.

It was going through the adoptive process that Christine and Lane met Lawson and Lillian Satori, who would adopt a newborn baby girl, Amarlie-Rose just a few months after they adopted Zenith. They met through a support group run by the adoption agency, and going through the same things at the same time, they became the closest of friends, and as a result, Amarlie and Zenith ended up becoming best friends and raised closely together. It was with Lillian's close guidance that Christine and Lane could be so supportive of their son being transgender, with her being a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon specialising in gender reassignment surgery. She was able to be a huge support for them once they realised their child was different to others, and as a result, raising him would take a different path for them than conventional parenting.

Both Zenith and Amarlie were artistic, and both discovered gift in drawing and design. Where Amarlie soon developed a passion for fashion design and creating couture garments from scratch, Zenith had a dream of becoming a costume designer for stage or screen, with a side interest in photography that he enjoys as a hobby. When they started elementary school, they met Asher Brennan, a bright and cheery kid who smiled and giggled a lot. Asher's mom was a midwife and it was soon discovered that she delivered Amarlie at birth. Asher's dad died when he was eighteen months old in a surfing accident when he had been pretty high up the ranks with national titles in the sport. He lost his life at a competition in Australia, and left Asher's mom raising Asher and his older sister, Mackenzie, alone.

Zenith, Amarlie, and Asher have been the closest of buddies ever since. Where Zenith knew from a child that he was adopted, Amarlie was only told when she was twelve, after noting similarities between characters adopted on TV shows and in movies, and also some parallels with Zenith that were more obvious to her once she was old enough to notice them. Once Amarlie found out, Zenith became her sounding board as she processed the news, but both he and Asher were a massive support to her. Amarlie and Asher both knew Zenith wasn't born a boy, but Zenith had never been the sort to really pointedly discuss that he was transgender. Because he was raised from a young age as a male, and in a relatively accepted state, Zenith had a little more freedom than a lot of transgender kids to simply live as a male and not keep focused on how different he was.

Having two BFFs who accepted him unconditionally helped. The teenage years and puberty were a little more tough, because his body unfortunately got confused and his moods were affected by the hormone therapy. There was one near-miss where he began to suffer depression and wanted to harm himself. Amarlie and Asher sat up with him all night cuddled up watching movies. Zenith spent a lot of the time during those months crying or feeling angry. Though as puberty levelled out, he began to return to his old self and even managed to be taken off the antidepressants. It was through that time that he vowed to just do whatever he had to to keep being himself and be happy. He tends not to draw attention to the fact he's transgender unless he is asked about it, though to look at him, it's impossible to tell these days now he has physically grown into an adult.

Zenith is a cool, calm and collected person. He has a perfect Resting Bitch Face, and definitely a bitchy streak that can rear its ugly head when necessary. Not having any siblings because his father is infertile, he is fiercely protective of Amarlie and Asher. He considers himself in the grey area of pansexuality because he has never put much stock in gender lines in the sand, and he and Asher have had a Friends-With-Benefits arrangement since they lost their virginity to each other when they were fifteen and Zenith was trying to figure out in general how to be a teenager with 'differences'. He prefers to keep people guessing about who he is, and feels that if they want to know him, they can take the time to sit down with him and have intelligent conversations with him to get to know him. If he likes you and knows he can trust you, he will open up more about his gender and sexuality. Despite the cool and collected exterior, he's a fun guy with an absolutely wicked sense of humour. He can insult you as a joke with complete seriousness on his face, and has slayed many a jock or mean girl in his time who were being assholes.

Now, with Amarlie on the precipice of being about to move permanently to New York, Asher has just managed to secure a modelling contract with an agency in New York, so they two boys have decided to follow their favourite girl to the Big Apple and hit her up about being roomies with them. Zenith has been accepted into NYU Tisch School of the Arts doing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Costume Design, and because it has been a Big Reveal that Amarlie's little brother (by a few months) is none other than Broadway superstar, Justin Campbell, of course they want to go and make sure her new family is treating her well, with a side order of fanboying in the process.

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